Travelling is one of the such things which makes line life beautiful, if you want to go Kedarnath then you are comes in wright place. sometimes its also makes people realise about somethings, because of which from some point their life become sorted and which helps them a lot in thier furture. Here i am going to share my one of my recent travelling experience from Muri(Ranchi) to kedarnath

Starting from how anyone can go to Kedarnath from Ranchi. There are mainly two options .one is by air and another by train. we had chosen train. In this first we had take a train from our native place to Dhanbad at 8:00 PM and we reached to Dhanbad at 11:00 PM, From there we had booked our train to Haridwar. we sat on this train at 1:30 AM and we reached Haridwar at 5:00 AM.

It is my 1st time where i had spent 28 hr in train to reach form Dhanbad to Haridwar. From some point travelling in Bad. First i will talk about my bad experience in which one thing comes first to my mind is food. It is because indain railway had closed pantry. Which is available on train , so now the staff of IRCTC takes order and they order foods from outside shops who had taken license for it. Thier food is very bad in taste and it is cost very high according to its taste.

2nd one the staff who is selling stuff like Biscuits, chips etc.. they charge money which is more than its MRP. Now my good experience in the train is