When I am Traveling lots of country.People always ask how to manage your money. This is the mainly common Question. Please give me Secrets to traveling cheap or Tips for Traveling cheap.

Hello Friends my name is Akshay & if you want to travel the world in budget then you are come in right Place. If you read the full blog then you find 10 Tips For Traveling Cheap.

Plan your Trip

When you Plan your Trip & make a Travel Inteniary than your budgets goes down.Plan every things like Fligt booking,Hotel or hostel booking, Train Ticket etc.

Don’t Book Last Minute

When you book Everthings in last Minutes you can find flight price very high.Hotel Price very high. This trick also help to save your money.

Travel in Off-Season

If you are a budget Traveler and you have not more money to expand then please travel in off-season. In this time all things are very cheaper and you can travel very low Budgets.

Buy Local SIM and Exchange money Outside Airport

Everything are very expensive are in airport. If you want to Buy SIM Card in airport or withdraw money or Exchange Money. All things are very expensive. If Buy SIM card in Airport, then cost more 10$ form outside the market and also same money exchange also very bad rate give form airport.

Stay In Cheap/Free Accommodation

If you are budget travel then only stay in hostel not in hotel. Hotel are always more expensive than Hostel. You can find hostel every famous places at very cheap price. You can hostel via google or Booking.com etc

If you want stay Free accommodation, then you can use Couchsurfhttps://couchsurfing.com/ing website. This is a very big community of travel. You can search host , Where you want to stay . If any host accept your request than you stay this house free of cost.

Use volunteering website you can also live free of cost and some place also find free food also. These are the Famous Website given below

www.workaway.info and www.worldpackers.com

if you go through given link you can find upto 50% discount , This is not my link .this is link provided by Varun Vagish who have a YouTube channel and its name is Mountian trekker

Use camping ,Always carry a tent set and if you find good places and put your tent and stay free of cost and saving lost of money.

Cook your own meals when possible or Eat local food

If you are living in hostel then cook your own food or if you are stay your couchsurfing host then your host also provide food many times its depend upon your host. If you don’t know cooking food then learn from youtube or if you not want to cook food then eat local food. Always local food are cheaper than other food.

Use Local Transport

When you are goes Touristy places all price are very high like taxi,cabs etc. then use local transport or walk as much as you can.

Buy Food in Supermarket

If you are a budget traveler, then always buy food from supermarket. You can buy all food iteams as cheaper price. Like that egg, Bread, Noddles etc. All food iteam one place you can find with budget price and you can save lots of money.

Avoid Touristy Places / Visit Musems where free Entrance

When you go where you paid more money that time you expand more money.Please find free entrance Musems , Parks , Places etc.

Research Scam / Know what things Price

Which Places you can vist first you can search scam place name in google and youtube. If you find lots of Article in google and lots of video on youtube the be carefull all the things.

Also know things the price when you go to visit the any place and also know conversation rate

Earn while you Travel

You can earn when you are Travelling lots of things are available.

First you can write blog like this , I am also traveler and write blog .

You can shoot video and post your video in different social media. Like that youtube,Facebook,Instagram etc. Please are aslo make money while traveling. In this time best platform in Youtube. Most of the Youtuber traveling lots of places make video and earn money form youtube.

You can also work in Local area and earn money or you can do voluterring and save lots of money.