How to go Kedarnath, I will tell you in this post. I am explaing how to go From Ranchi to Kedarnath and how to Delhi to kedarnath or haridwar to kedarnath. Please read carefully tile last I am sharing lots of information in this post.

How to go Kedarnath by Train

Hello friends my name is Akshay and you want to know how to Kedarnath. First of all, I will tell you how to go from Ranchi to Kedarnath. Direct trains are not available from this route. First, you can book a train from Dhanbad to Haridwar or Ranchi to Delhi. Once you book your confirmed ticket. After that when your date reaches From Dhanbad to Haridwar. Please book a ticket for the local train from Ranchi to Dhanbad.

When you reach Dhanbad, Now you are waiting for your new train from Dhanbad to Haridwar. Once the train is reached you can seat, after that a few hours you can reach Haridwar Railway station.

How to go kedarnath form Haridwar

Once you reach Haridwar railway station. Now you book a bus ticket from Haridwar to Sonprayg.

If you are taking a route from Ranchi to Delhi, then first take a ticket from Ranchi to Delhi. Once you reached New Delhi. After that, you can book a train ticket or bus ticket from Delhi to Haridwar. Then booked a ticket from Haridwar to sonprayg.

When you reach sonprayg, you can book your hotel in sonprayg or Gauri Kund. The next day you can start your track from Gaurikund to Kedarnath.

Important notes when you start your track, Please take winter clothes. Because very cold in the top of Kedarnath. Temperature around 6°C to -6 °C . this is a common temperature in Kedarnath. Please also book a hotel in Kedarnath. If you are not booked your hotel in advance ,then you can found very expensive hotel in Kedarnath.

How to book cheapest hotel in kedarnath

When you start your track, in you one group member goes through a Horse or helicopter. If you reach before 12:00 PM then you can find a very cheap hotel. After 12:00 PM hotel prices increase and increase. Please take good clothes because in the top very cold.