Russia Trip Experience

How to go Russia and Important thing to knowIt was very good experience in Russia. So much fun and so much learnt in this trip. Russians are very silent and very polite. In my experience russian people are very helpful so do not hesitate to ask something from them. There are lots of things happened with me, i was shocked how extreme they can go to help people. They are so good.Now i have few information related this trip:

  • For visa you need to go website and follow steps. Each and every information available on this website.
  • I suggest you to show your travel date atleast after 30 days.
  • Please make sure when you are booking flight with aeroflot. Go to official website and book through official website because travel agent websites are so confusing regarding luggage and extra addons. Round Trip direct flights only.
  • Carry confirmed hotel bookings.
  • For single name passport holder – Please ask Last Name term from airlines customer care. (eg. xx, LNU, Last Name Unknow) And record this call in your phone for extra precautions.
  • Invitation letter, I used this website to get paid invitation letter. you can also check “visatoruss” and “ivisa” (ivisa providing free voucher)
  • Covid negative report – you need to carry negative report while boarding. On arrival you have to fill a form where you will mention accommodation details and then they will take RAPID test. No quarantine if you are negative detected.
  • Carry travel insurace, but nobody will check this. use policybazar to get best deals.

Now if you want to survive in russia then you have to install few apps like google/yandex translator, yandex go/maps/metro/trains/eats, Delivery Club, maxim etc.If you are non vegatarian then its good for you otherwise its hard to find veg food.Book your hotel near or within city center and also near metro station.Buy metro card. you can use this card on bus/tram/metro. metro is fast and easy. Use yandex maps and metro apps to understand metro stations.If you want to book train/sapsan (bullet) train then please book before 2 days otherwise you will find without window seats only. Always book online otherwise you have to face long queue on station, train stations are also bit confusing if you are going to buy train tickets.Two sims are best according to me – Tele2 and Megaphone. I used tele2. It gives you around 70-100mbps speed.Use niyo or bank travel card to avoid markup charges.I have used E-Scooters there, its fun honestly but little bit costly. If you are Pro to ride this on speed then go for it because charges are based on time. You can download thier apps through scooter’s QR code.In food we had Shawarma a lot, this is tasty and affordable, otherwise you can depends on McD or KFC, these are also affordable.If you have any other question please ask me in comment section, i will try to give you reply ASAP our website